Welcome to blattwerk.consulting.

We believe in the power of networks. We believe in diverse teams, open communication, trustful cultures and co-creation.

We have chosen nature as our role model and we are here to help: considering your business as a (maybe not so) flourishing tree, we are opening the lines of communication between the individual branches within your departments and support with insights from the world of start-ups and fundamental research even far below your roots.

We are enabling your business to harness deep tech, start-up, and research resources plus strong team building tools to address current challenges and to anticipate future needs, thus delivering solutions to your problems, either known or yet unknown.

Baring an entrepreneurial mindset and based on longstanding experience in corporate strategy, management, human relations, development and university research we help you to strengthen your company culture, create commitment, and early use cases, partnerships and demos to foster sustainable growth. Thus, we help you grow your business. We help you grow your tree’s natural foliage.

We are gardeners and interpreters. We focus on facts, hard work, and great results.

Dr. Rene Schmidt

Be curious and courageous, team-up and leverage the power of networks to turn the supposed impossible into reality.

Rene is a curious rule breaker and experimentalist with high social competence, hands-on mentality and entrepreneurial mindset. Experienced manager, cross-functional team leader, business coach, inventor and innovator with a demonstrated history of working in the areas of fundamental research and the industrial engineering industry. Skilled in (change, technology & innovation) management, research and (product & process) development, technical sales, business strategy, and company building, with a PhD in physics focusing on nanotechnology and spintronics.

Gunnar Niebuhr

Equip the right team with purpose, tools and processes to disrupt markets.

Gunnar is a passionate optimist who is looking for technical challenges and opportunities to turn outstanding ideas into action and organize work that needs to be done. He is experienced in various fields of development, project management, people motivation and corporate start-up founding; always co-operative, perceptive and diplomatic.

Ioan Hepes

Address markets and trends with the optimal strategy, business models, organization and processes for long-term profitable growth.

Ioan is a persevering strategist, transdisciplinary lifelong learner and polyglot thriving in a world of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity with 20+ years experience in management consulting, business development, corporate strategy and innovation management. He helps companies to build successful business models, create agile organizations, and develop innovative products and services.

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