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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts
(Winston Churchill)

One of the most fascinating quotes I know. It’s like: don’t give up, don’t get too comfortable with what you’ve got, get out there and move on, try new things, be prepared to fail. It is only by doing that that you will get better, that you will learn new skills, that you will be more resilient to change. And yes, it takes courage. The courage to step out of your comfort zone, the courage to fail, the courage to keep yourself motivated day by day.

But sometimes that is exactly what we need to do. Especially in business, and even more so when it comes to innovation. Even as a company, you should not stay in your comfort zone for too long, you need to stay agile and open, you need to keep learning and diversifying, you need to know how to test and how to fail. And again, it takes courage. The hesitant are the ones who will fail in the long run.

WHY – because it’s about people and growth!

To support companies by helping their people, their culture, their processes to learn to fail and to be resilient in the face of failure. I’m an anchor in times of uncertainty and change. I’m considerate, empathetic and charismatic, quietly guiding and leading to the best of the individual, the team, the organisation. I am an empowerer for success today, tomorrow and into the future. Helping people and businesses grow is what makes me happy.

HOW – by creating psychological safety and pure committment!

With many years of experience in basic research, process and product development, and management, I understand that innovation is about people. I read people, I understand culture, I network, and I improve how people collaborate, cooperate and co-create. I build strong teams and empower those who will play a central and critical role in your future successes.
I understand business and customer value, mediate between development and marketing, build business models and align technology roadmaps. I align strategy and goals by coaching individuals at all levels and consulting with the business. I set targets and lead to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time. I’m also comfortable assessing technologies from a fundamental point of view, but also in terms of their various applications and USPs.
I create a culture of trust, transparency and committment for employees to feel psychologically safe.

WHAT – whatever it takes!

From coaching to consulting to interim management. Let’s get down to business. I’ll help you understand where to start.

I prepare. I enter. I deliver. I exit.


Patents across multiple industries and applications.

Academic books and scientific contributions.

Executive positions in R&D, incubation, innovation and product portfolio management.

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